On my current project, we have recently moved to a CI infrastructure that poll and build from multiple branches — using a wildcard. We noticed with the version of the Git plugin we were using, there was a known bug that would kick off multiple builds when polling from multiple branches. This wouldn’t be a big deal except our resources are very constrained, and it would sometimes kick off 5 builds for the same branch all within a second of each other. In order to correct this issue, I created a simple perl script and a Jenkins job, to call the perl script. The logic of the perl script is simple. It compares hashes and uses the REST API to call a Jenkins job.

#!/usr/bin/perl `git fetch --all`; @branches = `git branch -a | grep "remotes/origin/Prefix-*"`; #open file to read open (INPUT, '<DIR/hash.txt'); #read file %currentHashes=(); while (<INPUT>){ my($line) = $_; chomp($line); @values = split(',', $line); $currentHashes{"$values[0]"} = "$values[1]"; } #open file to write open (OUTPUT, '>DIR/hash.txt'); foreach $branch (@branches){ chomp($branch); $commit = `git log -n 1 --pretty=format:'%H' $branch`; $newHashes{"$branch"} = "$commit"; print OUTPUT "$branch,$commit\n"; } foreach $key (keys %newHashes){ if($newHashes{$key} eq $currentHashes{$key}){ print "the hashes are the same for branch:$key \n"; }else{ print "the hashes are different for branch:$key \n"; #remove spaces $key =~ s/^[ ]*//g; #remove remotes/origin $key =~ s/remotes\/origin\/*//g; #call jenkins job through rest api `curl -X POST \"{JENKINS_IP}/job/{SPECIFIC JOB}/buildWithParameters?&GIT_BRANCH_NAME=$key\"`; } } #close files close (INPUT); close (OUTPUT);

The corresponding Jenkins job would then need to be a parameterized build that includes the parameter GIT_BRANCH_NAME, for more information on the corresponding Jenkins job, please see the next blog.

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