Jenkins Scripted Pipeline: A Groovy Primer
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The Jenkins pipeline documentation does a serviceable job describing a Jenkinsfile. There are a number of examples for common tasks, giving code snippets that can be copied and pasted for your own use. When needing to do simple or commonly performed tasks, this method can be sufficient. There is also a helpful pipeline syntax generator […]

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Dynamic Versioning of Maven POM

In a typical CI/CD pipeline, code is build, code is deployed, code is tested. In our specific scenario the code is built through Jenkins and maven on a Jenkins build slave, then the build artifacts are uploaded to an artifact repository. Through an Infrastructure-as-code tool, like Chef, the code is deployed to a test environment […]

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Starting up a Jenkins Clone Safely

Why bother starting Jenkins in neutral? Jenkins can be a dangerous virtual machine to bring up.  This situation arises when I’m recovering one, cloning one, or testing provisioning automation.  The damage one can cause is hard to predict because it depends on exactly what yours does, but I’ll try to paint a couple common pictures […]

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