I have an annoying situation where I create RDP windows and they seem to always start the same (but wrong) size. For example, one of my sessions starts “maximized” but only 1280×1024 sized so it ends up having scrollbars inside my 1920×1200 monitor. I then have to de-maximize it, move the window somewhere, and drag the corners to get it to the right size. Another one always starts up in a partial-sized window with scroll bars. When I drag to expand it, it snaps to the edge of the screen and Windows 7 tries to maximize it.

I figured out how to get them the way I like them. Start by editing the saved RDP file with a text editor that won’t mess up the character encoding. (probably not Notepad or Wordpad.) Edit the ‘winposstr’ string. It looks like this:


The values are:

winposstr:s:0,windowState,xLeft,yTop,xRight,yBottomI found that for a 1680×1050 window, I need to add 18 pixels to the width and 45 pixels to the height in Windows 7 to account for the borders. Then, you do the math for (x,y)+(width,height) to figure out the start position of the window and the right,bottom corner.

windowsState can be changed to control the initial maximized state of the window:

  • 1 – normal
  • 2 – unknown
  • 3 – maximized

Save the RDP file, then

That’s it.

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