Rich Mills, a Coveros Senior Consulant, will be presenting a 2-Day Training Course on Security Testing for Testing Professionals at the SQE Training Week in San Diego April 24-25, 2013

Your organization is doing well with functional, usability, and performance testing. However, you know that software security is a key part of your assurance and compliance strategy for protecting applications and critical data. Left undiscovered, security-related defects can wreak havoc in a system when malicious invaders attack. If you don’t know where to start with security testing and don’t know what you are looking for, this course is for you. It describes how to get started with security testing, introducing foundational security testing concepts and showing you how to apply those security testing concepts with free and commercial tools and resources.

Security Testing for Testing Professionals  will present  a practical risk-based approach to security testing, a discussion on why security testing is important, how to use security risk information to improve your test strategy, and how to add security testing into your software development lifecycle.

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