By now, most Americans have heard of the breach of over 143 million U.S. consumer’s financial data to hackers earlier this month. A well-published vulnerability in Apache Struts (CVE-2017-5638) was not patched for months in Equifax applications.
As we continue to survey the damage to Equifax, credit card companies, and the financial security of hundreds of millions of American consumers, two things become crystal clear:
   1) This was a preventable IT Security tragedy
   2) This could happen to anyone, at any time without protection
If you’re worried about how you can prevent an Equifax-like breach at your organization, Coveros can help. For a decade we have focused on integrating security assurance into software development using tools like Nexus Lifecycle from our technology partner, Sonatype.


Open Source Vulnerability Assessment – Automatically analyze your existing software and libraries to assess how vulnerable your open source frameworks are
Open Source Vulnerability Remediation – Remediate identified open source vulnerabilities within your applications before they are exploited
DevSecOps Automation – Integrate security assurance into your DevOps process to block the use of vulnerable components going forward
Coveros has helped secure applications and address open source vulnerabilities at some of the nation’s leading public and private institutions including Department of Homeland Security, Fannie Mae, and Bytecubed.
Contact us immediately to get started:
Don’t let your organization be the next Equifax.

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