Gene Gotimer, Coveros Sr. Architect, is presenting Better Security Testing using the Cloud and Continuous Delivery at STAREast in Orlando May 2, 2013

Even though many organizations claim that security is a priority, that claim doesn’t always translate into supporting security initiatives in software development or test. Security code reviews often are overlooked or avoided, and when development schedules fall behind, security testing may be dropped to help the team “catch up.” Everyone wants more secure development; they just don’t want to spend time or money to get it. Gene Gotimer describes his experiences with implementing a continuous delivery process in the cloud and how he integrated security testing into that process. Gene discusses how to take advantage of the automated provisioning and automated deploys already being implemented to give more opportunities along the way for security testing without schedule disruption. Learn how you can incrementally mature a practice to build security into the process—without a large-scale, time-consuming, or costly effort.

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