December, 2017

13DecAll DayGet Hands-On with Jenkins PipelineTysons Corner, VA


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Our wildly popular DevOps course now has a companion 1-day hands-on workshop that will teach you practical techniques for building and working with Jenkinsfile. The Jenkins CI server supports pipeline as code through a concept known as a Jenkinsfile. This is a configuration file that allows teams to define each step in their pipeline. This means that by using a Jenkinsfile, developers no longer have to manually create Jenkins jobs and actively manage the pipeline and can focus on developing and testing their applications.

Upon completion of this course students will understand and have hands-on experience with Jenkinsfile, including

  • Declarative and scripted pipelines
  • Core pipeline-as-code concepts like nodes, stages, and steps
  • Developing Multi-branch pipelines with Jenkins Pipeline and Jenkinsfiles
  • Pipeline visualization
  • CI/CD Best Practices

In this 1-day hands-on workshop, students will build a multi-branch pipeline using Jenkins and Git.

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All Day (Wednesday) EST


Tysons Corner, VA

1650 Tysons Blvd #600