[June 16, 2015 Fairfax, VA] Coveros announces its special guest for Wednesday’s Engineering Your DevOps webinar. Max Saperstone, who leads the company’s Agile Testing and Test Automation practice, will join Jeffery Payne and Richard Mills to present at 12pm EDT on June 17 on the topic Integrating Automated Testing Into DevOps.

Max Saperstone has been working as a Software and Test Engineer for almost a decade, with a focus on Test Automation and the CI/CD process.

Of the Coveros webinar on June 17, he remarks, “Whether people are just starting trying to figure out which tests to automate first or setting up a more comprehensive testing framework, we want to simplify how they think about the process so they can avoid pitfalls and make progress in their organizations.”

An increasingly sought-after public speaker, Max Saperstone has been seen at Agile DC and Star Canada. Most recently he presented two popular sessions at the Star East Software Testing Conference in Orlando, Florida, organized by SQE.

Wednesday’s webinar is free of charge and still accepting new registrants. DevOps practitioners will be represented across many sectors including: Cloud Computing, Med Tech, Mobile Tech, Supply Chain Management, Cybersecurity, E-Commerce, Defense, and Data Visualization, to name a few. Anyone who registers after the webinar takes place will receive a link to view the recording.

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