Open Source Continuous Integration Product Lowers the Cost of Delivering Secure Software

Herndon, Va., September 3, 2009 — Coveros, Inc., a company that helps organizations accelerate the delivery of secure, reliable software, today announced the release of its first secure software development product, SecureCITM.

SecureCI provides organizations with an integrated suite of open source tools that assist in the automation of the software build, test, and deployment process. By incorporating secure code analysis and web application security testing into SecureCI, security conscious software organizations can now integrate application security analysis into an accelerated software delivery process.

“Building secure applications is the next frontier in application security and SecureCI provides the ability to proactively address security concerns during each build of your software,” says Jeffery Payne, Coveros CEO. “By integrating best of breed open source technologies for building, testing, and securing software, SecureCI accelerates the software delivery process and lowers the cost of delivering secure software.”

SecureCI integrates the following open source technologies into one downloadable, usable, open source product:

  • Subversion – source code control
  • Hudson – continuous integration server
  • Sonar – project management dashboard
  • Trac – defect tracking
  • Maven – build management
  • Ratproxy – application security testing
  • Junit & Selenium – unit, integration, and system• testing
  • PMD & Findbugs – static code analysis for quality and security.

SecureCI is freely available from the Coveros web site ( Services to support installation, configuration, and software project integration are all available from Coveros.

About Coveros

Coveros helps organizations accelerate the delivery of secure, reliable software. We use agile methods and software assurance best practices to deliver mission-critical software on-time and budget. Coveros provides a wide range of software consulting services that include: application security analysis, secure software development, agile test automation, and software process improvement.

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