SecureCI™, the industry’s first and only open-source continuous integration solution, just got better!

Fairfax, VA., July 31, 2015 — Coveros, the market leader in the delivery of secure, reliable software, announced today availability of the newest version of SecureCI™ which includes updated and integrated versions of best in class open source products for source code control, build management, automated testing, security analysis, defect tracking, and project management. In addition to updating core components to latest release versions, correcting critical defects, and deprecating older unsupported components, multiple security tools were added, with instructions on including these into continuous integration efforts. These tools include ZAP, OpenSCAP, and YASCA. Additionally, multiple project management tools were added, to assist in the agile planning process, and development management. Like the previous release, 3 options exist for hosting a SecureCI™ instance. Coveros can provide suite support for hosting and managing SecureCI™ instances, including rolling updates and bug fixes into a production instance. If you don’t want to go with the new managed SecureCI™, this application is also conveniently packaged and available as an Amazon EC2 Machine Image (AMI) or as a downloadable virtual machine image (VMI) for a free turn-key solution that allows you to immediately begin leveraging the benefits of continuous integration.

SecureCI (Updated) Tool Suite

Project ManagementTrac (1.0.1), Agilo (0.9.14) SonarQube (5.1.1), GitBlit (1.6.2)
Security ScanningRatproxy (1.58), OWASP Zap (2.3.1), OpenSCAP (1.2.3)
DevelopmentSubversion (1.8.8), Apache Ant (1.9.6), Apache Maven (3.3.3), Jenkins (1.620), Sonatype Nexus (2.11.4-01)
TestingJUnit (4.12), TestNG(6.8.5), Selenium Server (2.46.0), Selenium Java Client (2.46.0), SecureCI™ Test Automation Framework (1.3.0)
Code Analysis: Checkstyle (6.5), PMD (5.3.0), JDepend (2.9.1), Cobertura (2.1.1), YASCA (2.21)
Support: Apache HTTP Server (2.4), MySQL Server (5.5.40), Python (2.7.6), Postfix (2.11.0), Oracle JDK (1.7.0_75), Ubuntu Server Edition JeOS (14.04 LTS)

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About Coveros

Coveros helps organizations accelerate the delivery of secure, reliable software. We use agile methods and software assurance best practices to deliver mission-critical software on-time and budget. Coveros provides a wide range of software consulting services that include: application security analysis, secure software development, agile test automation, and software process improvement.

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