Coveros, the market leader in secure software development using agile methods, announced today the dates for its 2017 DevOps Week DC training events.

Fairfax, VA., February 8, 2017Coveros, in its ongoing commitment to help companies realize the benefits of Agile and DevOps, has launched a series of week-long DevOps training events for those interested in learning about DevOps culture, techniques, and tools. Participants in a Coveros DevOps Week DC event will receive both Agile and DevOps certifications from ICAgile upon completion of these training courses.

“Coveros was the first to have a certified DevOps course”, said Jeffery Payne, Coveros CEO. “We put together the DevOps Week DC event to help development and operations professionals learn how to collaborate and help their organization’s accelerate software delivery.”

2017 DevOps Week DC training events include three courses:

Getting from Fragile to Agile (2-days) – Fundamental to a DevOps mindset is the understanding and application of Agile Principles to your software development, test, and deployment process. Organizations often struggle because Agile Principles are not applied consistently to the software development and delivery process. Getting from Fragile to Agile focuses on understanding Agile Principles and appropriately applying them to various aspects of planning, building, testing, and delivering code.

Foundations of DevOps (2-day) – Integration, communication, and collaboration between development and operations are both difficult and critical for efficiency and reduction of production deployment risks. Automation of the build, test, and deployment process is a keystone capability for any software project seeking to accelerate delivery. This course teaches organizations industry best practices for integrating development, testing, and operations into a single, cohesive team, while implementing continuous integration, automated testing, continuous delivery, and rapid deployment.

Getting Hands-on with Puppet and Vagrant (1-day) – This one day workshop is a companion to the Foundations of DevOps and allows participants to roll up their sleeves and gain hands-on experience with key DevOps tools. Participants will learn how to use Puppet for installation and configuration; Vagrant for creating, customizing, and configuring virtual environments; and automated deployment scripts to implement environments.

About Coveros

Coveros helps organizations accelerate the delivery of secure, reliable software. We use agile methods and software assurance best practices to deliver mission-critical software on-time and budget. Coveros provides a wide range of software consulting services that include: agile transformations, DevOps implementations, secure agile software development, application security analysis, and training courses in agile, DevOps, testing and test automation, and software security.

Organizations can obtain information about Coveros, Inc., consulting and training services by contacting the company directly at [email protected].

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