Coveros CTO Tom Stiehm presents on Integrating Security into Continuous Delivery to the DC Continuous Integration, Delivery, & Deployment Group on March 13, 2013 at Blackboard Inc.

The Internet is full of insecure applications that cost organizations money and time, while damaging their reputations when their systems are compromised. We need to build secure applications as never before, but most developers are not now—and never will be—security specialists. By building Application Security tools into your Continuous Delivery process you can streamline the process of finding application security vulnerabilities which is the first step in making your application more secure. Learn the common ways organization use application security tools as part of the CD build pipelines, including a discussion of the trade-offs between open source tools and commercial application security tools. We will also discuss what to do after you gather the data and how to security audit data back into an iterative development process.

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