Coveros CEO Jeff Payne is a Keynote speaker for STAREast and is presenting his keynote address on Testing in a Test-Driven Word on May 1, 2013

Agile software development has fundamentally changed the way software testing is performed. No longer is testing relegated to the end of the lifecycle where its budgets are cut and its conclusions ignored. Now we live in a world where testing drives development and, for better or worse, this world is here to stay. Jeff Payne discusses what impact a test-driven world has on the types of testing we perform and the impact this has on our careers. Contrary to many pundits who have been predicting the demise of software testers, Jeff paints a picture in which software testers with the right skill set—business acumen, understanding of security and privacy, and test scripting ability—are becoming the most influential individuals within the software development organization. Learn what is driving this trend and what you need to do to be successful in the test-driven world.

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