Compatibility Testing – Local Simulation Tricks For Mobile Web Applications

Introduction After giving a talk last week with Sauce Labs about compatibility testing for mobile web apps, I got several questions about simulation using Selenium Webdriver. I had written back in June about compatibility testing using Selenium IDE, but the talk expanded on this concept, allowing tests run in client languages to perform similar actions. […]

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Compatibility For Mobile Web Apps

Introduction One major problem with writing a good mobile web app, is that it needs to run over ALL of the devices out there. While there a plenty of hacks to get your mobile site to only load/respond on certain device, it’s generally frowned upon, and not best practice. There are multiple ways to set […]

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Using Genymotion to Simulate a Moving Device

Introduction For my mobile testing, I’ve been using emulators more and more, as their capabilities improve, and my testing moves beyond the features that simulators can provide (see several of my old posts on using browsers for simulation). I have spent a lot of time with Genymotion, as it provides a lot of excellent features, […]

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