Coveros CTO Tom Stiehm on Integrating Application Security into Continuous Delivery

Tom Stiehm, Coveros CTO, is presenting¬†Integrating Application Security into Continuous Delivery¬†at the Agile Richmond Users Group on April 24, 2013 The Internet is full of insecure applications that cost organizations money and time, while damaging their reputations when their systems are compromised. We need to build secure applications as never before, but most developers are […]

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Coveros Active Authentication Project Makes Headlines

From The military venture capital wing has tapped scientists to build computer systems that can detect intruders by picking out abnormal behavior from familiar patterns generated by authorized users. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency has awarded a contract to security software developer Coveros to research methods to validate the identity of a computer user […]

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DARPA Selects Coveros to Research Active Authentication Techniques

Research Will Protect Computer Systems from Unauthorized Use Coveros, Inc., the market leader in secure agile software development, today announced that the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has awarded the company a research contract to invent novel approaches for actively authenticating computer system users. This research aims to make it possible to detect, in […]

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