Who We Are

Coveros helps organizations achieve business results by delivering solutions with greater speed, flexibility, and quality than traditional approaches. Using agile project management and software assurance best practices, we deliver mission-critical software to market on-time and on-budget. The Coveros approach maximizes return on investment by delivering the highest business value needs early in all of our software and consulting engagements.

Software development is radically changing. Business drivers associated with agility, security, and privacy are fundamentally altering the way software is built, tested, and deployed.

Our mission at Coveros is to help software realize its business potential. No longer can software development be decoupled from its customers and stakeholders or ignore the changing world around us. At Coveros, we seek to develop better methods for accelerating the delivery of secure, reliable software.

Our Core Values

Coveros was founded on a set of principles that keep us grounded and focused on our customers.

  • Client-focused Delivery – Amaze our clients with the business value we deliver.

    Companies hire Coveros to improve their software products, processes, and people.  We strive every day to make sure we deliver the maximum amount of value possible for our clients.  We do not take our clients for granted nor assume we have a right to be working for them.

  • Openness – Communicate directly and honestly with those we work with.

    We are open and honest with everyone we work with, including ourselves.  Sometimes a client does not want to hear the truth and may even blame the messenger when we tell them.  Regardless, we have a professional obligation as a trusted advisor to speak the truth regardless of the short-term consequences..

  • Shared Success – Share our rewards and successes with all who contribute.

    When Coveros has success, we seek to reward everyone who contributed to that success.  This includes not only our staff but our partners and clients..

  • Strong Relationships – Build long-term trust relationships with our people, clients, and partners.

    Build trusted relationships with all.