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Coveros Selenified™ QuickStart

The Selenified QuickStart provides your organization with the boost it needs to jump-start its automated testing efforts. Our test automation experts will develop a test architecture and automated tests over a two-week period and store those tests in version control. Your team can use these tests as a model for industry best practices while they implement additional automated tests. Given our philosophy that every organization is unique, we will tailor the architecture and tests that we write so that they best fit your culture, market, organizational structure, people, and business environment.

Coveros SecureCI™ QuickStart

Coveros SecureCI provides an open source, integrated continuous integration solution for helping organizations automate the software build, test, and deploy process. By integrating a suite of open source products, organizations now have access to a turnkey CI solution that they can immediately install and use. The SecureCI QuickStart provides services and training to help organizations maximize their use of SecureCI.

SpiraTest Automation QuickStart

The SpiraTest Automation QuickStart is a two week engagement that successfully launches SpiraTest and Rapise within your organization’s testing process.

Spira Tools—DevSecOps Pipeline Integration QuickStart

The Pipeline-Spira Tools Integration QuickStart is a four-week engagement to successfully integrate your pipeline into your Spira toolset so you can get rapid feedback, quickly find and fix defects, and make release decisions based on the actual quality level and security posture of your applications.

Contrast AppSec Strategy Service 

The Contrast AppSec Strategy Service is designed around three activities that will result in a custom strategy for maximizing the value of your Contrast investment by improving your overall AppSec posture.