Our certified Agile and DevOps consultants are experienced with a wide range of methodologies and frameworks, and our engineers can build, test, and deploy your applications completely or blend in with your teams to accelerate your delivery.

Testing & Automation

Testing in today’s world takes a different mindset. Instead of waiting until development freezes code, we are constantly testing stories, integration of features, and subsystems. At Coveros, we are all about helping you knock down the walls between your software developers and testers through a combination of agile practices and pragmatic test automation.

Agile & DevOps Transformations

Coveros has helped organizations of all sizes transition to Agile and DevOps, and we’ve found that what works best is only discovered through an iterative improvement process. In addition to instilling process discipline and tooling, transformations must tackle cultural, organizational, and people skills issues to be successful. Need to improve the automation, security, or testing aspects of your agile or DevOps process? We can help you in these areas, as well.

DevOps Pipeline Implementation

A critical component of any DevOps program is the automation to support continuous integration, delivery, and deployment of software into production. Whether your development, testing, and production environments are located in data centers, on-premise, or in the cloud, Coveros can help automated and accelerate your entire DevOps pipeline.

Security & DevSecOps

Continuous security is a key component of building releasable software on a frequent basis. Coveros has over a decade’s worth experience integrating security tools into continuous integration and continuous delivery processes. Our experienced DevSecOps engineers can assist with integrating security tools into your DevOps process