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Using Agile Development Best Practices and a Proven Software Security Framework to Build World-Class Software

Your mission-critical software cannot be entrusted to just anyone.  It’s your intellectual property, your competitive advantage, your crown jewels.  When Coveros builds your software, we don’t do it in a country you’ve never heard of.  And we can blend our experts into your teams if you wish so you not only accelerate your delivery but teach your staff how to build great software in the process. We use Agile Development best practices, software experts and a proven Software Security framework to build word-class software for companies all over the world. more…



Integrate communication and collaboration between development and operations with automated build, test, and deployments

Integration, communication, and collaboration between development and operations is both difficult and critical for efficiency and reduction of production deployment risks. Automation of the build, test, and deployment process is a keystone capability of any agile software project. Experts will tell you that without a comprehensive CI/CD process, you are unlikely to finish the work you spec during your Sprints. In addition, automation of this process significantly reduces downstream surprises and costly debugging time during product releases.Our experts can show you how to accomplish this and more to reduce build integration and configuration issues and improve efficiency and quality.more…



Using Industry Best Practices to identify and re-mediate Security Vulnerabilities before your information assets are compromised

In today’s world, your mission-critical software cannot be successful unless security is built in. Your organizations applications are constantly under threat of being exploited by nation states, hackers and even competitors. Your intellectual property, clients’ privacy and the services your application(s) provide need to be protected. We can provide your organization with a blend of experts in the security feild who can help you find threats and vulnerabilities, help your developers build more secure software, help your testers find vulnerabilities before it makes it to production, and help your organization apply security throughout the SDLC. more…



Training your Staff in Agile Methods and Software Security are Critical to Building Great Software

If your goal is to increase the agility of your software development organization while improving the security of your code, Coveros has the answer. Our agile and security training courses provide in-depth knowledge on a variety of agile and security subjects and include a hands-on case study to try out the techniques you are learning. In addition, our experts can provide project or organizational mentoring to coach your leaders on how to best leverage agile. more…



Automate your software build, test, and deployment process for improved efficiency, reliability, and quality

A critical component in accelerating your software development time to market is the automation of your software build, test, and deploy process. Today software that performs these functions is collectively called Continuous Integration and allows organizations to move toward a more continuous build, test, deploy software process while providing real-time feedback on software quality and security. SecureCI™ is the industry’s first and only open-source continuous integration solution.