In today’s software industry, proper education and training are essential to any organizations success. Without proper education, organizations tend to repeat the costly mistakes of other failing or failed projects of the past.

If your goal is to increase the agility of your software development organization while improving the security of your code, Coveros has the answer. Our agile and security training courses provide in-depth knowledge on a variety of agile and security subjects and include a hands-on case study to try out the techniques you are learning. In addition, our experts can provide project or organizational mentoring to coach your leaders on how to best leverage agile.



Getting from Fragile to Agile

Many organizations today are discovering that their Agile processes are not meeting their delivery expectations. Ineffective and inefficient requirements definition and management, ineffective project management, poor project communication, software development issues, and non-agile testing can all contribute to agile project failure. Whether you are new to agile or are an experienced agilist working on an agile project that is failing and you want to learn how to build project success or get your agile projects back on track, this is the course for you.

Learn what agile is all about and how it has been applied successfully in the real-world during this 2-day course. No ivory tower discussions here! Just hard core agile with a running case study to apply what you’ve learned. Learn about agile principles, myths, Scrum, Kanban, eXtreme Programming, Test-driven Development, and much more. Successful completion of this course results in a Certified Agile Professional designation from the ICAgile certification body.

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Agile Testing Certification

Testing in the agile world is significantly different than doing so in a traditional software development process.  In this 2-day course, learn how software developers and testers collectively automate and test software incrementally successfully in an agile process.  Understand the roles developers and testers typically play during Sprints and the release process.  Understand how testing drive successful development and releases and is integrated into the automated build and deploy process.  Successful completion of this course results in a ICAgile Certified Professional in Agile Testing (ICP-TST) designation from the internationally recognized ICAgile certification body.

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Mobile App Testing

As tablets and smartphones take a larger portion of the market share, testers will face pressure to test their web applications for mobile devices and potentially test their own organization's native mobile applications. To test mobile devices, in this fast paced, ever-changing industry, testers must learn to deliver quick, extensive, and successful tests on mobile devices.

Many testers attempt to apply what they know to mobile testing, and why that may work for some functional testing, it often leaves many critical features untested.  Untested, critical deaths can mean a swift end to a mobile application thus, learning how to identify common issues in mobile applications and how to properly test the unique aspects of a mobile application is the only way to be successful.  This course will cover usability across multiple platforms and resolutions, network and security testing, creating application unit tests, mobile UI Automation, and Performance Testing for various devices over various networks and carriers.

NEW! – Coveros is now an ASTQB-Accredited Software Testing Course Provider for the ASTQB Mobile certification! Successful completion of this course prepares and qualifies students for the ASTQB Mobile Tester certification exam.

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Mobile App Testing Workshop

Mobile Application Testing for Test Professionals now has a 1-day add-on Hand-on Workshop/Lab companion course that will teach you Test Automation utilizing Selenium IDE and WebDriver for mobile web testing! Through hands-on exercises, students will experience how Selenium interacts with web browsers to test actions, inputs, and expected outcomes. Participants will examine how the Selenium framework works and learn how to expand Selenium tests to improve device and platform coverage. Students will also learn how to troubleshoot mobile web test automation scripts and technologies to optimize WebDriver test execution. This tooling and practice will then be applied to emulation testing techniques covered in the 2-day course to show how traditional web testing techniques can be transitioned to mobile web application testing.

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Fundamentals of Security Testing

As security becomes more and more important, it is paramount that adequate security testing be performed on software applications.  This 2-day course discusses how security testing can be integrated into traditional and agile software testing processes to assure the security of your applications.

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Foundations of DevOps

Foundations of DevOps combines development, testing, and operations and includes continuous integration, automated testing, continuous delivery, and rapid deployment practices. Because DevOps practices require confidence in nearly all changes, automated testing is an essential ingredient that is integrated into the process and relied upon for enforcement of quality gates and to ensure overall delivery quality. This two-day course will teach you how to avoid the common mistakes of DevOps implementations and to leverage DevOps best practices. Test professionals, operations engineers, developers, project managers, and business owners will all benefit from this curriculum. Successful completion of this course results in a ICAgile Certified Professional in DevOps Foundations (ICP-FDO) designation from the internationally recognized ICAgile certification body.

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Get Hands-on with Puppet and Vagrant

Our wildly popular Foundations of DevOps course now has a 1-day add-on Hands-on Workshop/Lab companion course that will teach you how to avoid the common mistakes of DevOps implementations and to leverage DevOps best practices. Upon completion of the course, students will understand and have hands-on experience with critical DevOps techniques including using Puppet for system installation and configuration, setup and use of Vagrant workflows for creating, customizing, and configuring virtual environments, customization and use of automated deployment scripts to implement the environment including provisioning, deployment, configuration, test data population, test automation execution and environment cleanup and disposal. In this 1-day hands-on workshop, students will stand-up a local test environment including initial provisioning and configuration of a multi-tier test application, web server, DB server, and a selenium test client and students will utilize automation scripts to execute automated testing. Sign up now for this amazing event!

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