In today’s world, your mission-critical software cannot be successful unless security is built in from the start. Your organization’s applications are constantly under threat by nation states, hackers, and even competitors. Your intellectual property, clients’ privacy, and the services your applications provide need to be protected. Coveros provides organizations with application security experts who can help you find threats and vulnerabilities in your code, help your developers build more secure software, locate vulnerabilities during testing, and help your organization apply security throughout your software development process.

Security Assessments & Remediation

Assessing and remediating software vulnerabilities is essential to building secure applications. Unfortunately, many organizations wait until the last minute to assess their application security posture. Not only is late life-cycle security analysis not an effective mechanism for identifying vulnerabilities but no time remains to correct any of the issues that are discovered.

At Coveros, we provide full life-cycle assessments of your software development artifacts as well as remediation services to support your busy teams. Assessments typically include a combination of assurance techniques based upon where you are in the development cycle and the criticality of your applications:

  • Misuse/abuse analysis of requirements
  • Threat modeling and architectural risk analysis
  • Secure design reviews
  • Secure code reviews
  • Review of security testing capabilities
  • Red teaming / penetration testing

Remediation services focus on modifying your design and code base to mitigate vulnerabilities and help you deliver secure software faster. Our security engineers are all software engineers by training who are capable of remediating code in a variety of languages and for most common platforms.

Secure Agile Development

When agile methods are used to build and deliver security-critical applications, it is essential that software security best practices be built into your agile process. Coveros has pioneered a secure agile development process, called SecureAgile, that integrates software security practices into a Scrum and XP-based agile process.

Coveros SecureAgile Process

Coveros Secure Agile Process

Our Secure Agile Development service can be delivered in a variety of models depending upon your needs:

  • Outsourced Development – Coveros designs, implements, tests, and delivers secure code
  • Blended Teams – Our security engineers pair and work with your teams to delivery secure applications while mentoring your staff on secure development approaches
  • Application Security Program – Security experts from Coveros work to put in place a Secure Agile framework to allow your teams to build secure software themselves

Integrating Security Tools into DevOps

Continuous security is a key component of building releasable software in a frequent basis. Coveros has been integrating security tools into continuous integration and continuous delivery processes for a decade.

This Coveros service integrates security tools into your DevOps process (aka DevSecOps) including:

  • Lightweight static code analysis during build check-ins performed during continuous integration,
  • Robust static code analysis (IAST) into nightly regression testing processes and QA environments,
  • Network and passive vulnerability analysis to detect issues in production-like environments,
  • Dynamic security testing into continuous integration and continuous delivery processes, and
  • Binary Analysis to detect vulnerable open source frameworks and libraries

To help those just beginning their DevSecOps journey, Coveros has released SecureCI – an open source DevOps toolstack with integrated security analysis.

SecureCI Open Source

Security Testing

Regardless of your efforts to build security into your applications, security testing is a necessary part of any application security program. Design flaws, implementation bugs and misconfiguration of environments or networks can all result in vulnerabilities that must be identified prior to release. At Coveros, our security testing experience includes both manual and automated analysis of applications across the spectrum of possible vulnerabilities. Specific security testing services we provide include:

  • Risk-based security testing – assures identified threats and risks are not able to compromise your systems or access sensitive customer data
  • Security testing of controls – assure all integrated security controls (e.g. authentication, authorization, logging) have been securely integrated
  • Open source libraries – validate that existing open source frameworks and libraries have no known vulnerabilities
  • System security testing – tests associated networks, platforms, and 3rd party integrations to assure the application is secure within its environment