Integration, communication, and collaboration between development and operations are both difficult and critical for efficiency and reduction of production deployment risks. Automation of the build, test, and deployment process is a keystone capability of any agile software project. Experts will tell you that without a comprehensive continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) process, you are unlikely to finish the work you spec during your Sprints. In addition, automation of this process significantly reduces downstream surprises and costly debugging time during product releases.Our experts can show you how to accomplish this and more to reduce build integration and configuration issues and improve efficiency and quality.

DevOps Transformation

Transformation to a DevOps model is not a simple as it might seem. While there are plenty of automation tools and frameworks for improving your release process, what works best is only discovered through an iterative improvement process. Besides instilling DevOps process discipline and tooling, transformations must tackle cultural, organizational, and people skill issues to be successful.

Coveros has helped organizations of all sizes transition to DevOps. Our certified DevOps consultants have experience with a wide range of build, test, and deployment automation tools as well as expertise in leading an organization through an enterprise wide transformation.

Our DevOps transformation approach follows an iterative, three step process:

  1. Assess your current DevOps capability by comparing your capabilities with others using a formalized model
  2. Build and pilot needed process, tooling, and staff capabilities to demonstrate their benefits
  3. Deploy incremental improvements enterprise wide, measure progress, and return to step one to re-assess your DevOps capability

More details on our overall transformation process that we apply to DevOps can be found on at

DevOps Pipeline Implementation

A critical component of any DevOps program is the automation to support continuous integration, delivery, and deployment of software into production. Whether your development, testing, and production environments are located in data centers, on-premise, or in the cloud, Coveros can help automated and accelerate your entire DevOps pipeline. Key services we provide for DevOps pipeline implementation include:

  • Continuous Integration – automation to support branch/merge, source control, automated builds, check-in tests, and nightly regression testing
  • Continuous Delivery/Deployment – automation to support provisioning of testing and production environments, automated installation of applications, configuration management of application artifacts, automated testing in appropriate environments, deployment scripts, production monitory
  • DevOps Engineering – building DevOps capabilities with maintainability and usability in mind
  • Quality gates & dashboards – development of appropriate exit criteria for pipeline activities as well as dashboards to display progress and results

Coveros has significant expertise in many of the DevOps tools, environments, and frameworks using to implement pipelines today including: Jenkins, Git, Subversion, Maven, Chef, Puppet, Ansible, Docker, Sonaqube, AWS, Azure.


Continuous security is a key component of building releasable software in a frequent basis. Coveros has been integrating security tools into continuous integration and continuous delivery processes for a decade.

Our DevSecOps services integrate security tools into your DevOps process including:

  • Lightweight static code analysis during build check-ins performed during continuous integration,
  • Robust static code analysis (IAST) into nightly regression testing processes and QA environments,
  • Network and passive vulnerability analysis to detect issues in production-like environments,
  • Dynamic security testing into continuous integration and continuous delivery processes, and
  • Binary Analysis to detect vulnerable open source frameworks and libraries

DevOps Coaching

While coaching is part of every DevOps transformation we perform, some organizations choose to focus their improvement efforts on bringing on board coaches in lieu of a more formal assessment, build, deploy process. At Coveros, we provide a variety of coaching capabilities to help your organization improve:

  • Enterprise DevOps coaches – educate executives and senior leadership on DevOps principles and hold Value Stream Analysis workshops with business leaders
  • DevOps Process coaches – work with cross functional teams to embrace DevOps capabilities an effectively integrate testing, security, release management, and operations into fully functioning delivery teams
  • Technical DevOps coaches – coaches focused on helping DevOps engineers successfully integrate DevOps pipelines

Coveros coaches do more than facilitate. We are believers that your staff learns best by doing alongside others who have done it before and can model proper behavior. Our coaches pair and mentor your staff to accelerate their improvement.