Your mission-critical software cannot be entrusted to just anyone. It’s your intellectual property, your competitive advantage, your crown jewels. When Coveros builds your software, we don’t do it in a country you’ve never heard of. Or with people you never see. For a decade, Coveros has been building security- and mission-critical applications using agile. Whether you are looking for someone to design, build, test, and deploy your applications completely or blend in with your teams to accelerate your delivery, Coveros can help.

Agility Assessments

For those teams who are struggling to make agile work, this assessment is for you. The Coveros Agility Assessment ModelTM is a rigorous, proven approach for assessing the agility of a team (or set of teams) to identify areas of improvement. Unlike informal or self-assessments you may be considering, Coveros takes a ‘trust but verify’ approach to our assessments that makes them unique and more valuable. While we spend a significant amount of time interviewing your people and understanding your existing processes, tooling, and staff capabilities, we also participate in existing team meetings and review artifacts produced by your teams. This added interaction results in understanding what process your teams actually follow instead of what management is told. In addition, by following a formal model, Coveros can benchmark your existing agility against others in your industry, providing you with an idea of where your gaps are against the competition.

The results of an agility assessment include:

  • Gap analysis of your agility vs. industry best practices
  • High level and detailed recommendations for incremental improvement
  • Incremental transformation roadmap
  • Backlog of transformation activities
  • Suggestions for appropriate Pilot Projects

Agile Project Envision

It is a myth that agile teams don’t plan. In fact, following a rigorous agile process often means MORE planning than in traditional software processes, it is just done incrementally. A critical first step in beginning a new agile project is to  put in plan an initial release plan that prepares the team to hit the ground running in Sprint 1. To assist organizations new to agile, Coveros can assist you with this planning using our Envision Workshop model.

An Agile Project Envision is a series of facilitated initial planning sessions to guide your team through its initial planning activities to get an agile team off on the right foot. Activities in an Envision depend upon the project situation but often include:

  • Development of an initial product backlog
  • Implementation of an overall product architecture
  • Implementation of a project test strategy that includes a Definition of Done for Stories, Sprints, and Releases
  • A Sprint by Sprint release plan based upon organizational priorities
  • Installation and implementation of all necessary development, testing, and delivery infrastructure

Secure Agile Development

When agile methods are used to build and deliver security-critical applications, it is essential that software security best practices be built into your agile process. Coveros has pioneered a secure agile development process, called Secure Agile, that integrates software security practices into a Scrum and XP-based agile process.

SecureAgile Process

Coveros Secure Agile Process

Our Secure Agile Development service can be delivered in a variety of models depending upon your needs:

  • Outsourced Development – Coveros designs, implements, tests, and delivers secure code
  • Blended Teams – Our security engineers pair and work with your teams to delivery secure applications while mentoring your staff on secure development approaches
  • Application Security Program – Security experts from Coveros work to put in place a Secure Agile framework to allow your teams to build secure software themselves

CI/CD Implementations

A critical component of any modern agile software development program is automation to support continuous integration, delivery, and deployment of software into production. Whether your development, testing, and production environments are located in data centers, on-premise, or in the cloud, Coveros can help automate and accelerate your entire CI/CD process. Key services we provide in this area include:

  • Continuous Integration – automation to support branch/merge, source control, automated builds, check-in tests, and nightly regression testing
  • Continuous Delivery/Deployment – automation to support provisioning of testing and production environments, automated installation of applications, configuration management of application artifacts, automated testing in appropriate environments, deployment scripts, production monitoring
  • CI/CD Engineering – building CI/CD capabilities with maintainability and usability in mind
  • Quality gates & dashboards – development of appropriate exit criteria for pipeline activities as well as dashboards to display progress and results

Coveros has significant expertise in many of the CI/CD tools, environments, and frameworks used to implement pipelines today including: Jenkins, Git, Subversion, Maven, Chef, Puppet, Ansible, Docker, Sonaqube, AWS, Azure.

Agile Engineering Coaching

Often software engineers, software testers, and application security personnel are not comfortable with agile design, development, and testing practices. Coveros provides coaches to help improve your agile engineering capabilities in the following areas:

  • Test-driven development – work with your software engineers to leverage test-driven development (TDD) approaches for building software
  • Agile testing – coach your development and test team on behavioral-driven development (BDD), specification by example, acceptance test driven development (ATDD), and exploratory testing
  • Team-based design – work with teams to embrace a team-based design philosophy and incrementally build design artifacts
  • Unit testing – work with software developers to create good unit tests and integrate them into existing CI processes

Coveros coaches do more than facilitate. We are believers that your staff learns best by doing alongside others who have done it before and can model proper behavior. Our coaches pair and mentor your staff to accelerate their improvement.