SecureCI: Enforce Formatting On Your SVN Comments

The focus of continuous delivery isn’t just about being quicker when developing and deploying, but rather delivering business value continuously. And we only see business value from software when it is made available to end users. I heard a project lead explain that his team had a continuous delivery process. They used source control management […]

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We want your feedback for SecureCI!

Do you have ideas for the next version of SecureCI? Is some tool or feature missing that would make the product better? Something we could have done differently that would make it more useful? We’ve set up a forum at uservoice to make it easy for you to give us feedback. Whether it is a suggestion, new […]

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Introducing SecureCI

SecureCI is an open-source continuous integration solution. We’ve assembled a number of open-source tools that we use, installed them in a VMware image and configured them to work together. SecureCI is packaged as a virtual machine that can be run with the VMware Player that way you can be up and running in minutes without […]

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