Engaging Developers in Unit Testing

Our overarching goal in agile and DevOps is to deliver increments of customer value more quickly with acceptable quality. In doing so, we employ many approaches and techniques to verify requirements, designs, and code at every step in our software engineering methodology. One key practice in driving early defect identification is unit testing, but several […]

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Selenified 3.0.2 Release
Rows of green code on black screen

2018 keeps moving along whether we are prepared for it or not. Now that it’s halfway over, you have another Selenified release to enjoy! The not so long awaited 3.0.2 release is out! It’s out on GitHub, up in Maven Central, and also, yes, available on our site. We fixed a few bugs and updated […]

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Testing with Feature Toggles
Software Testing

What are Feature Toggles There are lots of ways for developers to develop code, with many different strategies when it comes to releasing capabilities. While many development organizations prefer to use feature and release branches, some utilize feature toggles (sometimes even combining these with branching). This gives developers the ability to turn a particular feature […]

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