A Definition of Done for DevSecOps

DevOps means different things to different people. To me, it is a culture of communication and collaboration across the entire team. In DevOps, we have a software delivery pipeline that checks, deploys, and tests every build. The goal is to give us confidence that we are producing a viable candidate for production, so we have […]

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Why You Should Be Using Go
golang gopher

Go (or golang) is a relatively new language that I personally discovered while building REST API servers for my internship over at OSNEXUS, and I quickly fell in love with the language’s speed and syntactic sugar. A powerful tool, especially when it comes to concurrency and web servers, Go makes a strong case to be […]

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Automating Desktop Applications with SikuliX
SikuliX Image Recognition

My current project supports a number of software applications for which we build and maintain automated tests. While most of these applications are web-based (for which we use Selenium WebDriver), we also support a few desktop/rich client applications.  This has exposed the need for a front-end automated test tool that doesn’t rely on DOM based attributes. Our […]

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Deploying, Running Applications in Docker Containers

Deploying and running applications in Containers is one of the hottest trends in DevOps and IT today. Docker, a containerization platform that lets users easily package, deploy, and manage their applications within containers, is principally responsible for bringing containers to the mainstream. This article provides information about what containers are, their relationship with DevOps, and […]

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Unity3D and First Class Cloud Build Support

Unity3D, the popular game development platform, began offering a ton of services a while back, but a lot of independent developers I’ve met haven’t used them. This makes sense, as integrating things like Ads and Analytics probably won’t become relevant in small projects until the second 90%. However, one service that everyone should make use […]

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TechWell Announces Coveros CEO Jeffery Payne as AgileConnection Technical Editor
Jeff Payne Training

Jacksonville, FL (May 26, 2017) — TechWell Corporation, an industry leader in software improvement conferences, training, and online communities, has announced that Jeffery Payne will be the new technical editor of the AgileConnection online community. AgileConnection is growing in popularity and in members as one of the largest online sources for articles, interviews, and a […]

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