Creating Modular Jobs in Jenkins

I spent much of my formative years in High School and College being indoctrinated with Object-Orientated Programming (OOP).  When used well, OOP provides clear modular structure for programs, defines clear interfaces, makes software easier to maintain and modify, allows multiple functions to share code (cord re-use), and reduces large, complex issues to smaller, more manageable […]

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Using the Build Flow Plugin in Jenkins

With large complex software applications, builds can often be split into different steps and tasks creating a series of jobs for our build pipeline.   On my current project we are utilizing Jenkins to implement Continuous Integration/Continuous Deliver (CI/CD) and between the jobs for compilation, smoke tests, acceptance tests and deployment across environments in several […]

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Introducing SecureCI

SecureCI is an open-source continuous integration solution. We’ve assembled a number of open-source tools that we use, installed them in a VMware image and configured them to work together. SecureCI is packaged as a virtual machine that can be run with the VMware Player that way you can be up and running in minutes without […]

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