Running a Jenkins Job on an Amazon EC2 Windows Slave

Continuous integration (CI) is a key component of agile software development that all organizations should strive to include in their development process.  However, for small organizations with little or no infrastructure, purchasing and maintaining a server to use for continuous integration is extremely impractical and often infeasible.  In these situations it is more cost-effective to […]

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Calling Python Code from C++

When developing an application in programming language A you may discover that certain parts of the program are easier to code using a different language B.  At this point you have one of three choices: Write the application entirely in language A. Write the application entirely in language B. Write most of the application using […]

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Integrating CAT.NET into Hudson for Continuous Security Analysis

I recently published an article about using CAT.NET security scanner on your .NET web application. Once you get it running, it’s fairly simple to integrate it into your continuous integration process. Our strategy here will be to use a down-stream job in Hudson to run static security analysis on our application build after the main compilation/packaging […]

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Teaching Firefox to use a CAC

Some of the sites I use require a CAC smart card to establish SSL access. ( is an example of this.) Chrome and IE (shudder) are both smart enough to use a smart card for certificates out of the box on Windows. Unfortunately, Firefox doesn’t seem to be set up to do it without some […]

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Setting start up position for Windows RDP Windows

I have an annoying situation where I create RDP windows and they seem to always start the same (but wrong) size. For example, one of my sessions starts “maximized” but only 1280×1024 sized so it ends up having scrollbars inside my 1920×1200 monitor. I then have to de-maximize it, move the window somewhere, and drag […]

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Scaling Agile isn’t such a Stretch

By Lisa Morgan Reposted from SD Times Being agile is more critical than ever as businesses compete for customers. The true level of agility can vary greatly from company to company, team to team, department to department and person to person. As organizations scale agile out from pilots and small groups to critical projects involving […]

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