Increasing the Amount of Memory Available to a 32-bit Windows Application

Despite the fact that I am running a 64-bit version of Windows 7, I sometimes need to run 32-bit applications.  By default these applications are only able to use 2 GB of memory, regardless of the amount of available memory on the system (see:  However, I sometimes need these 32-bit applications to be able […]

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Using Sequences of System Events to Identify Users

In my last post on the Active Authentication project I described how to use Microsoft Detours to collect a trace of system calls (also known as system events) for a single process.  At Coveros Labs we leveraged an example program provided with Detours in order to create our own prototype system that validates the identity of a […]

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How to display a logon/disclaimer notice banner in SharePoint by customizing the Global.asax and deploy the global.asax file using the Sharepoint WSP.

  I was working on a SharePoint DoD project, due to security requriements(STIG) it needed to display a disclaimer notice banner when a user initiates a session with the SharePoint Site. This solution tells how to customize and deploy the SharePoint Global.asax that triggers the new session start event to display the disclaimer notice banner. This solution was split into two SharePoint […]

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Running a Jenkins Job on an Amazon EC2 Windows Slave

Continuous integration (CI) is a key component of agile software development that all organizations should strive to include in their development process.  However, for small organizations with little or no infrastructure, purchasing and maintaining a server to use for continuous integration is extremely impractical and often infeasible.  In these situations it is more cost-effective to […]

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Calling Python Code from C++

When developing an application in programming language A you may discover that certain parts of the program are easier to code using a different language B.  At this point you have one of three choices: Write the application entirely in language A. Write the application entirely in language B. Write most of the application using […]

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Integrating CAT.NET into Hudson for Continuous Security Analysis

I recently published an article about using CAT.NET security scanner on your .NET web application. Once you get it running, it’s fairly simple to integrate it into your continuous integration process. Our strategy here will be to use a down-stream job in Hudson to run static security analysis on our application build after the main compilation/packaging […]

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