5 Tips to Turn Recorded JMeter Scripts into Reusable Tests

Load and performance issues can be difficult to resolve when found late in the software development lifecycle, yet teams still often wait until the last minute to performance test their applications. This can be costly, especially if the problem ends up being an issue with the overall architecture of the application. Load and performance testing […]

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Break the pipeline? That’s a notification.

Modern technology continues to accelerate the speed of delivering software, which directly increases the importance of quality awareness as early as possible within your delivery pipeline.  If you don’t know of a problem, you can’t act on it. The Email-ext plugin in Jenkins (https://wiki.jenkins.io/display/JENKINS/Email-ext+plugin) is a great way to notify relevant parties as soon as […]

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Red Tape and Federated Users

Background A client recently wanted to move several DevOps and scanning tools into the cloud, to which they were in the process of proving out and transitioning. We had a number of security scanning and static analysis tools, along with corresponding dashboards and a continuous integration server to orchestrate them. All of these tools were […]

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Lessons Learned from an Enterprise Government Cutover to the Cloud

On a recent government project, the DevOps team I was leading was tasked with spearheading the migration of our applications from a datacenter to the cloud. It did not go well. It almost fell into many traps that I imagine plague many cloud migrations, ranging from configuration management downfalls, to communications failures and delayed security […]

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Publishing to GitHub Packages

At Coveros, we have an internal initiative — Codeveros — responsible for creating and maintaining a reference application used by our training courses. Also, we use it for evaluating new tools and technologies and for any other purpose where an application or source code is needed. Codeveros Overview At its core, it is a microservice […]

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Documentation in Agile

Documentation in Agile is one of the most misunderstood aspects of the methodology. It is a common belief that those in an Agile workspace do not document or cannot fit documentation guidelines into the framework. This is (of course) false. When implemented correctly Documentation in Agile is not only possible, it thrives. To begin let’s […]

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Collaborating with a Highly Distributed Team
Man works on a laptop at a wood desk

More than 75% of Americans work remotely at least once a week, 43% work remotely at least half time, and 20% work remotely full time. According to Gallup, that trend is only going to continue to grow. Working remotely has numerous benefits including increases in productivity, employee retention, and diversity. A study by Stanford University […]

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