Flashback Friday

In this #FlashbackFriday post, Coveros team members look back to where they were in 2001 at the inception of the Agile Manifesto.

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Coveros Conversations: Learning Beyond Certification

Coveros Managing Consultant Brian Hicks and Training and Coaching Manager Samantha Jeantel explore what’s involved in getting a course accredited for certification, ways certification benefits individuals and organizations, as well as next steps for hands-on learning after certification.

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Coveros Conversations: Certification

Senior Learning & Coaching Consultant Stephanie Fender and Senior Consultant Byron Katz discuss the practical learning benefits in our certification courses plus how adding coaching can make learning “stick” in our next Coveros Conversation.

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Coveros Conversations: Automation

Executive Vice President Mike Sowers and Senior Learning & Coaching Consultant Stephanie Fender discuss how to get started with automation, common roles in automation, and more in our first Coveros Conversation.

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