5 Tips to Ensure A Successful Remote Daily Scrum
Working from home

As I mentioned in my previous post, this is a challenging time for agile teams as we are transitioning to being fully remote. Many are struggling to follow the agile principles, especially those that promote co-location and face-to-face communication. But even though we now find ourselves in a situation where these principles are challenging, it […]

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Tips for Facilitating Remote Agile Teams

In this challenging unprecedented time teams that have been co-located in team rooms are now adapting to being fully remote, at least for the time being. So a big question a lot of agile teams are facing is how do we follow the agile principles while remote. In particular the idea of co-location and the […]

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Breathing Life into Your Daily Standup

Everywhere I go, everyone seems to agree that the Daily Scrum should not be a status meeting. However, a consistent complaint I hear is, “our daily standup has become a status meeting.” How did we get here? Part of the problem is the typical guidance given to Scrum Masters about facilitating this meeting. This guidance […]

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Is SAFe® the Right Framework for You

I work with many organizations that are trying valiantly to transition to agile. While it is noble to try to just follow the agile principles and develop your own solution, most understandably find comfort and support in following a well-understood and documented agile framework. But which of the many frameworks do you choose? Scrum? Kanban? […]

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Test Automation is Software Engineering

One of my pet peeves these days is teams referring to their test automation as “test scripts”. To me the term “script” minimizes the role of test automation. It sounds throw away, like something you might whip up real quick to configure your bash shell. I coach teams to really treat their test automation as […]

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